Credit Repair

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Credit Repair

CPC Law helps its clients improve their consumer credit scores.  Please beware, this is service offering that’s tightly-regulated by state and federal government agencies.  The reason for these regulations is a long history of fraud, illegal practices and abuse against consumers by credit repair businesses.

For example, it is illegal to collect advance fees for these services before work is done, but credit repair companies routinely violate this law.  As a law firm, we’re regulated by the Florida Bar in addition to the government agencies.

How we help

In the course of helping our credit repair clients, we look at the “big picture” and often uncover more serious issues.  For example, many of our clients with credit score challenges also suffer from consumer law violations including illegal collection practices, illegal credit reporting practices and fraud.

If we discover such violations, we may be able to bring a lawsuit against your creditor or collection agency without collecting any advance fees from our clients.  Successful lawsuits provide for attorneys’ fees to be paid by the violating company in many instances.

We also find and address the widespread problem of identity theft.  When identity theft has already happened, CPC Law can help repair the damage and restore our client’s credit.  For those fortunate enough to not yet have suffered identity theft, we can place our clients with a credit-monitoring service for preventive care.

Our firm will also take the next step of helping negotiate settlements of correct accounts with creditors and collection agencies.  While we can’t guarantee specific results in any cases, our aggressive negotiation practices have often helped clients settle debts for pennies on the dollar.

While our primary goal is to help our clients legally and ethically improve their credit scores, we keep an eye out for these other issues and stand by to help resolve them.

CPC Law reviews credit reports with our clients to find the root causes of their credit challenges.  We find instances of inaccurate reporting.  A ten-year study by the Federal Trade Commission examining the accuracy of credit reports found significant numbers of errors negatively affecting credit scores nationwide.  When we uncover mistakes, we dispute them and start the process of getting them removed.

Common inaccuracies include debts that belong to someone else or don’t reflect the true status, such as a payoff.  We look for debts that should have timed-out from being included in the report because they’re too old.  Sometimes, debts discharged through bankruptcy still appear as open accounts.  Often, accounts belonging to our clients’ spouses (or ex-spouses) wrongfully appear on their own reports.

Why is my credit important?

Most people are familiar with the terms “Credit Score” and “Credit Report” but it is important to understand how these terms affect your life. Your credit report is a history of credit accounts you have had and payment history. It also includes biographical information such as your current and previous addresses, your social security number and names you’ve previously used.

Your credit report and credit score (derived from the items in your credit report) are used in a range of important situations. These include:

  • Determining eligibility for renting a home or apartment
  • Whether you’ll own a home and the cost of doing so
  • When buying a vehicle, your credit report will often be examined to determine eligibility for financing and what you’ll pay
  • Some employers look at the credit report when hiring
  • Lenders and banks look at credit reports when you apply for a credit card or loan

Simply put, credit is a huge issue in our society that affects our lives in many ways.

What can I do to correct errors in my credit report?

You, the consumer, have the power to correct your credit report on your own. Federal law requires each of the major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion – to give you a free copy of your credit report once per twelve months. You can visit for more details on obtaining your credit reports.

Once you have obtained a copy of your credit report you will need to review it for inaccurate or improperly listed information and begin the process of disputing the information with the credit reporting agency. This can be done by letter or online at their respective website. Writing the dispute and mailing the correspondence thereafter is generally the best route as you can keep track of when items are received or sent. Only inaccurate information will be removed or modified.

Why use CPC Law Credit Repair Services if I can do it myself?

There are two types of money in the world—the cash version and time.  Credit repair is a tedious, time-consuming effort.  We all need to assess the highest and best use of our time.  If you’re like most of our clients, you are busy working and/or raising a family.  Learning the process and effective techniques also requires time.  At CPC Law, our fees are reasonable and services are effective

While the process of disputing items in a credit report is fairly straightforward, it is important to know the relevant consumer protection laws that form the basis of your dispute. By hiring CPC Law to handle your credit issues, you won’t need to invest the time to learn the applicable laws and you won’t have to keep track of the relevant time frames or follow through in communications with creditors or the credit reporting agencies.

We know the dispute process and the applicable laws that form the rights of consumers.  We view the dispute process from a legal angle when addressing the issues in your credit report and strive to make our communications with the credit reporting agencies easy to process. Call or email CPC Law now for a free consultation.

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