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Whether you are in charge of a real estate, or you want to launch a business in the competitive Florida market, or you are already managing an established one, you need the help of a lawyer to navigate you through the complexity of the law. We are here to offer you the best information and clear terms to help you make sound decisions about your business, real-estate or running your home.

We help our clients by individualizing advice and support depending on the type of circumstances presented. Our strategy for approaching the problem is determined by the kind of the challenges presented based on collaborative efforts between the clients and our lawyer. Business and homeowners trust us to offer them with secure and strategic growth in all kinds of issues. CPC Law serves real estates, businesses, and families across Florida.

Our objective is to serve our clients by offering the confidence and information required to navigate through the legal system as we advocate for everyone’s interests. We are experienced and can handle a wide variety of legal matters. We focus on particular areas thus allowing our approach to be dependable.

We understand that each person has unique needs and thus every person has unique legal issues, and we handle each problem with that understanding in mind. We strive to offer each client practical solutions to their needs. Our primary areas of practice include consumer law, small business law, and legal services for real estate investors.


We Help Florida Real Estate Investors

Investing in a property is not easy as one is bound to make mistakes at any time. The help of an experienced attorney will do well in ensuring that everything goes as planned.

The areas we cover under real estate investment are:

  • Florida Landlord & Tenant Disputes – This is a common thing among many real estates, and with our help, everything gets easier.
  • Florida Eviction Attorney – If landlords are trying to evict tenants from their apartments, we are here to offer a lending hand, and also we have the attached Florida Landlord’s eviction for those who decide to handle the eviction on their own.
  • Florida Plaintiff Foreclosures – When our clients’ borrowers default and the loan gets on the foreclosure path, we’ll pursue every settlement effort available before filing the case.
  • Florida Land Trusts – Land trusts effectively serve estate planning purposes.  Like other types of trusts, they eliminate the need for probate to pass control of the property to the Beneficiary’s successors.
  • Private Lender Documentation – There’s an entire industry of real estate investors, private lenders, note-buyers and local community banks holding mortgages.  CPC Law effectively serves and represents these players in the mortgage-lending world.
  • Florida Real Estate Closings – Esquire Title Company is the title insurance agency affiliated with the law firm of CPC Law.  Esquire serves real estate investors, realtors, mortgage lenders and consumers with real estate closing, escrow and title services.
  • Florida Real Estate Litigation – CPC Law has an active litigation practice and we handle a variety of lawsuits for investors, small businesses and consumers.  Within our litigation practice area, we handle several kinds of matters relating to real estate.


We Fix Business Problems

We work with our clients to help them in all business law aspects; whether public or family owned. We thrive and strive to assist our clients to improve and protect their business in a forward- thinking plan to take their businesses to higher heights. We support our customers plan whether it is a start-up business or an already conducting business.

CPC Law helps business owners in:

  • Buying a Business – At times, entrepreneurs are in so much hurry to purchase a business that they forget that everything has to be handled with proper care before making any decision. There are many decisions that one has to make before buying a business and our attorney is here to advise you so that you can make sound decisions.
  • Selling a Business – Selling a business is not as easy as people may see it. One needs to have an exit plan before making the sale. It is, therefore, necessary to review the exit plan and CPC Law can help you understand everything required.
  • Business Succession Planning – Planning is the key to a successful business. It is a matter of setting goals and adjusting to the changing market. We are here to ensure that the processes are easy for you.
  • Civil Litigation – CPC Law represents clients in a variety of litigation matters.  Sometimes, we defend cases brought against our clients.  Other times, we file suits for our clients.
  • Florida Asset Protection – We advise our clients on how to make the best from their property and how to keep them protected.


We Handle Consumer Law Issues

We help consumers in reducing stress from litigation and assist them in dispute settlements. In addition, we also offer estate planning services.

Some of the areas we cover in consumer law are:

  • Debt Collection Defense – Debts and bills are a part of life. These bonds could include mortgage or school fees. You could be sued if you are unable to pay these debts and CPC Law is the solution to help you out in such situations.
  • Credit Repair – We help consumers to improve their credit scores.
  • Estate Planning – This is a section where customers decide on how to take care of their assets and their loved ones. At some point, there is the need for: wills, family trusts, health care surrogates, powers of an attorney and living wills.
  • Foreclosure Defense – We help our clients who have been sued by their lenders by modifying their loans or negotiating with the lender’s attorney throughout the case to come to better and attractive terms with them.
  • Identity Theft – We help our clients go through the process and recover from identity theft when someone has stolen their identity.
  • Florida Probate Attorney – The attorney represents our clients well even beyond the court filings and offer the best plan that works best for every particular family.
  • Timeshare Cancellation – Do you feel pressured into purchasing a timeshare while on vacation? Find out how we can help you cancel your timeshare agreement.


Florida Eviction Kit for Real Estate Investors

florida eviction kit

CPC Law has developed a FREE eviction kit for real estate investors with rental property in Florida. The eviction kit was developed as a flowchart on the Florida eviction process with corresponding legal forms. Simply follow the process and use the forms to legally get rid of non-paying tenants!

CPC Law is the solution for all Florida residents looking for a real estate lawyer and help in business law and consumer law.

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I am a realtor and investor for over 15 years. Mr. Charles is my attorney for over 6 years and I am very happy to work with him. I have. 4 clients the bank was about to take their homes. Mr Charles fought with the bank to stop the foreclosure and they are still in their home with a lower mortgage and very happy. He is always there for his clients and I am blessed to have him as my attorney.

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