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Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring

Identity theft is a global crisis.  It’s been the Number 1 consumer complaint with Federal Trade Commission for 15 consecutive years.

Your identity is an asset to be protected [back link from asset protection section and credit repair] along with everything else of value that you own.  The hackers and thieves are getting more savvy and sophisticated each day.  It’s impossible to keep up with identity thieves.  They work remotely around the world to capture your private information for their financial gain.

There are many problems in our society contributing to this crisis, including our use of social security numbers for so many purposes.  Our elected officials haven’t done anything to cure the problem and even the highest levels of government are susceptible to hacking.

If your identity is stolen, this will likely create a stressful nightmare that may take a great deal of time and money to overcome.  These are precious resources that will be diverted from your family and other aspects of your life.

Identity Theft Defined: fraudulent acquisition and use of private identifying information, usually for financial gain.

Most Common Types of Identity Theft

Criminal: Stolen identity used to make police believe they’re someone else

Social Security: Stolen SSN used to file returns and claim refunds

Medical: Stolen identity for medical insurance claims

Financial: Obtaining credit, spending money with identity

Children: ID stolen for many uses, long undetected

Seniors: Most vulnerable, frequent medical services

Synthetic Identity Theft—the cutting edge

  • Thieves piece together different identifying information stolen from several people and compiled to create a new identity. For example, they can take a social security number from one person, the name of another and address of yet another to create a new identity.

Synthetic identity theft is harder to detect because it is not linked to one person

  • Tips: check credit report for accounts you didn’t open
  • Ask credit bureaus if there’s a “fragmented file” attached to your main file—sub account using your SSN with another name

Child Identity Theft

  • Very effective—may be undetected for years
  • Warning Signs:
    • Rejected for benefits due to another account opened
    • IRS notice—child is a tax cheat
    • Collection calls/bills for products/services not received

If suspected:

  • Ask credit bureaus if report exists
  • Get fraud alert placed
  • Request a credit freeze


Password protection considerations

  • Avoid common words, phrases or info and easily-guessed
  • Change passwords immediately if breached
  • Use a password manager app [insert suggestions]
  • Select security questions only you can answer

Identity Theft Best Practices

  • Don’t respond to unsolicited requests for personal info
  • Secure your SSN (NOT in your wallet)
  • Collect mail promptly (stop mail while away)
  • Shred financial and other sensitive papers
  • Carefully review credit card statements
  • Install firewalls and virus software at home/work
  • Order at minimum yearly credit reports

How CPC Law can help you fight identity theft

To help protect our clients against identity theft, we partner with the industry leader in credit monitoring and identity theft protection—Kroll [add background on them].  Together, we’ll monitor your credit profile for any unusual activity to spot instances when your identity may be compromised.

Our identity theft protection partners will contact you immediately in the case of a potential security breach.  We’ll the stop the threat and contain the damage before you’re harmed.

Through our trusted partner, you will receive the following services:

  • Credit Report—secure web access to your current report
  • Personal Credit Score—secure web access for a detailed analysis of your personal credit score
  • Continuous Monitoring—monitor your credit file on a secure website and receive email alerts on suspicious activity
  • Identity Consultation—access to an expert team of advisors on how to protect your identity from theft
  • Protection for Children—receive alerts on credit files opened under your child’s name along with preventive education on credit for minors

Our mission is to prevent identity theft from ever happening to you.  If in the unlikely event that it does and your identity is stolen and while under our care, our partners at Kroll will back you up with their Credit Restoration services, including:

  • Start to finish identity restoration with the help of a licensed investigator
  • Seven-year fraud alert notifications sent to all three national credit bureaus
  • Intensive searches for activity under your name on local and national databases.

It’s always better to prevent a crisis than resolve one.  That’s why our credit monitoring and identity theft protection services will give you peace of mind.  If the bad guys get through and you become a victim of identity theft while under the watch of CPC Law, we will help you rebuild and restore your credit to put you back where you started, GUARANTEED.

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